Comic 82 - Cat Pee
Oct 19, 2012
Cat Pee
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
Cat pee is awful.
User comments:
Draginbeard edit delete reply
Ohhhhh Gawd! LOL
spinester edit delete reply
Worst. Smell. Ever.
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
I say you should place the cat in the "Execution" strip.
spinester edit delete reply
As which character? :)
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
The "To be executed".
Remnant (Guest) edit delete reply
Had a cat named 'Bad Dog' that would urinate on the electric oven burners...burnt cat piss is the worst smell on the planet! And it really sucks when you're trying to cook dinner and didn't notice until after the burners were turned on...
I fixed the problem, and after I did what I did to Bad Dog, it never happened again.
I can't tell you how I disciplined my feline friend or the SPCA will send a goon squad to my house (even though this was 30 years ago) But he and I remained good buddies till the end of his tenure.

Came here after Tripp ended - thanks for the laughs there, here and on Peppermint Helmet Spinester!
spinester edit delete reply
You got it, Remnant! Thanks for reading!