Comic 70 - Sherlock
Sep 07, 2012
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
BBC's Sherlock (Cumberbatch) is the best incarnation of the character. Seriously.
User comments:
Draginbeard edit delete reply
LOL Dr. Strangelove BUSTED!
spinester edit delete reply
Haha, indeed!
Snowstreak (Guest) edit delete reply
I actually don't care for the show
spinester edit delete reply
I know it's not for everyone... I don't know why but I tend to gravitate toward these BBC shows. Maybe it's the accents. Who doesn't love an accent?
Eric (Guest) edit delete reply
They way they do it is very interesting, to see in his mind. But his portrayal of Sherlock is nothing like the books - and the rewrites of the stories are almost sacreligious (sp?). The ones with Jeremy Brett are probably the best ones actually done - still get that British accent. :)
spinester edit delete reply
I've only seen a few of those, I need to catch them all.