Comic 7 - There's No Undo
Feb 01, 2012
There's No Undo
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
There are two things I'm constantly at war with. One is Time Warner Cable. The other is autocorrect on the iphone. Something tells me this guy might not get off so easily. I mean, hobo vomit? Yikes.

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User comments:
Gryphon edit delete reply
I sent a text to the wrong person a while back. It said "You suck. Jut thought you should know." The intended recipient would have laughed, since we'd been ribbing each other, the actual recipient was shocked. I apologized and explained what had happened, and he replied "Why didn't you just blame autocorrect?"
spinester edit delete reply
Haha... I guess my guy did the right thing here. :)
mathias42 edit delete reply
Sorry, sorry, I ment to say "Vocal Hobbit"
spinester edit delete reply
My iphone autocorrects my other comic's website url to 'waterrepellent.' Not even close.
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
Yet, at times, they just need to know that nobody on this planet likes them.
spinester edit delete reply
Everyone needs that now and again.