Comic 25 - Department Of Transportation
Apr 04, 2012
Department Of Transportation
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
This has happened to me more times than I can count. I wait in a traffic jam for an hour and when I finally get up to the bottleneck, this is almost always what I see. One guy working and 3 guys yucking it up on the sideline. Pick it up, boys, my air conditioner doesn't work!
User comments:
Eviltoaster (Guest) edit delete reply
I just went through a detour for "construction" not one vehicle did I see, just board people holding signs.
spinester edit delete reply
Haha, the theory holds!
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
The only time I have noticed road construction was when they decided to rip up thre roads in front of and behind our house while we were out eating lunch. They had not posted any sort of notice.
spinester edit delete reply
I live near an interstate. It's part of my daily life.