Comic 19 - March Madness
Mar 14, 2012
March Madness
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Author Notes:
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It's that time of year! March Madness! Brackets! Gambling! Arguing! A way too easy draw for Duke! Gus Johnson! Trying to find the games on the internet at work! Upsets! Office pools!

Everyone has their own way of picking teams in their bracket. I swear, someone who knows absolutely nothing about basketball always wins. I was part of a pool that had a coin flip bracket submitted. The coin flip bracket kicked total ass. I'll still make my picks, root for the Tar Heels, and hope for a financial windfall. Good luck to your in your pools! Unless you're in my pool. Then down with you!
User comments:
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Conspiracy theorists agree that the results are determined by celebrity popularity.
spinester edit delete reply
Who has the better celebrity in the crowd wins.