Comic 17 - Screw Job
Mar 07, 2012
Screw Job
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
Working with a love interest or, even worse, an ex, it a horrible idea. No good will come of it. Just run! Run away! Far away!

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User comments:
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
No good morals go unpunished.
spinester edit delete reply
Sometimes principles can be painful.
mathias42 edit delete reply
I was totally expecting this to go a diffrent way. Something like "Do you have problems with an Ex as your boss?"
"Not as long as you don't have a problem with an employee whose seen you naked."
"That's inappropriate!"
"youre right of course. by the way, what ever happened to that gimp mask?"
spinester edit delete reply
I'm saving that gimp mask for another strip.