Comic 15 - God
Feb 29, 2012
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Author Notes:
spinester edit delete
I think I'm going to make a shirt or some stickers that have that guy pointing saying, "Wow, you're God!" There's something I just love about that first panel. I'm sure we all have a few ridiculous prayers we've thrown out there in a desperate moment. Let's just hope they don't get thrown back in our faces later.
User comments:
mathias42 edit delete reply
Simple answer. GOd did answer those prayers. The answer was "no" Possibly followed by the word "dumbass"
spinester edit delete reply
God should just send out texts, like 'SMH' or 'dumbass' so you'd at least have the answer promptly.
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
"Dear God, please help me help others."

Would that be redundant?
spinester edit delete reply
I think that would be refreshing for him.