Comic 13 - The Grammys
Feb 22, 2012
The Grammys
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Author Notes:
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I hate the Grammys. Being a musician myself, it drives me nuts to watch that telecast. I basically live-tweeted the first hour so I could slag it left and right. Maybe I'm just a jaded musician but there isn't much about the Grammys that feels genuine. Hudson's tribute to Whitney and Adele winning were the exceptions. At least Dave Grohl got up there and soapboxed for a bit about people picking up instruments and being real musicians. Wearing a fake headphone, lip-synching, and dancing on a q-bert game board looking set... Now that's terrible. You shouldn't be able to lip-synch at the Grammys! That's ridiculous!

Anyway, the fact that 'Who is Paul McCartney' was a trending topic on Twitter is mind-boggling. I wish John Lennon was still around. I bet his opinions on the Grammys would be priceless.
User comments:
Joe Jarin edit delete reply
Joe Jarin
I feel old. I don't even think 20 somethings and below know who the Beatles are.
spinester edit delete reply
That's the funny thing... They totally know the music because it's EVERYWHERE in commercials, jingles, TV shows, movies.
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
According to Dracula, the real Paul McCartney is in a moonbase.

Yes, that is an obscure reference.
spinester edit delete reply
Maybe Paul will live as long as Dracula.