Comic 12 - Square Pizza
Feb 17, 2012
Square Pizza
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Author Notes:
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Seriously. Square pizza day was always the best school lunch day. Was there even a close second? No.
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Ally Haert edit delete reply
Ally Haert
I recently finished a project that required me to make 23 unique silhouettes, a form of art I'd never done before. But hey, I gave it a shot.

Turns out? Silhouettes were ridiculously hard for me. It was almost impossible to make each one look like a unique person and not like a blob.

My respect for the art of this comic has expanded tenfold!! :)

(Also, for our school it was chicken sandwich day.)
spinester edit delete reply
I had the same experience... I have another webcomic called Tripp that is full color, plot-oriented, the whole shebang. Then I had this idea for Cautionary Tales that seemed almost too easy. I ran into the same issue with the silhouettes. It's not as easy as I thought it would be at all.

It still takes a fraction of the time of a Tripp strip though, which was sort of the point. :)
mathias42 edit delete reply
I buy TV dinners with square pizza in them now. It's just like what they made in elementary school.
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Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
I could not stand to eat cafeteria pizza, especially when I found out that they could legally use the same slice for three days or until someone ate it.
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But that's what makes it so good!