Comic 10 - Frank Oz Strikes Back
Feb 10, 2012
Frank Oz Strikes Back
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Author Notes:
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In honor of the 3D release of Phantom Menace, I figured I'd do a Star Wars related strip. I know the subject is sort of played out in webcomics but you know what? I don't care. I also chose not to take another potshot at Phantom Menace, which we all know is terrible except for the Maul fight scenes. Instead, I opted for using the best movie in the series, The Empire Strikes Back.

I'm sure George and Frank got along famously, but if you were controlling the most powerful jedi puppet in the universe, you'd have to burn a couple takes doing stuff like this.

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User comments:
EBwestend (Guest) edit delete reply
Hmm, makes you think... maybe this is why Lucas went heavy CG--those actors (and set designers, and art directors, and...) don't talk back.
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It's the only explanation for Phantom Menace Yoda.
Carl (Guest) edit delete reply
I never thought about the Sith/Shit spellings. This strip made my morning.
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Thanks, Carl!
Freezie43110 (Guest) edit delete reply
"Better grammar, they will beat into you.'
spinester edit delete reply
Or better screenplays.