Cautionary Tales Book is finished! Get one now!
by spinester

My Cautionary Tales book is officially for sale!  All 100 comics, plus bonus strips!  You can order it here:

For the hardcore, I'll be selling Artist Editions which will be signed and have a one of a kind comic panel drawn in the back for $20.  If you're interested in one of those, email me at and we'll talk.

by spinester

Hi all-

I just wanted to let you know that #100 will be the last Cautionary Tales strip.  I already have them all drawn and finished. Since the world is ending on 12/21/12 (according to the Mayans), that seemed like a good day to wrap it up. Honestly, it's just a workload thing... I have a family, a full-time office job, I'm also a professional musician, and run two webcomics (the other is I'm a productive guy but everyone needs sleep occasionally.  :)  I started this strip as an exercise in writing gags and the simple, clean style of the art allowed me to focus more on the writing.  Silhouettes, I found out, are quite tricky, though.  Doing this strip has made me a better artist, even if I wasn't focused on the details.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if I returned to this strip down the road (heh) but for now we'll call 'Volume 1' a wrap at #100.  I really appreciate everyone reading the strip.


by spinester

Hello!  Welcome to the launch of my webcomic Cautionary Tales!  The comic will usually be in strip format, done in the style of yellow and black caution signs.  I've always liked how those signs were brilliantly simple in conveying a message and thought that could work in comic strip format as well.   The comic will update Wednesdays to start and maybe on other bonus days if the urge strikes.