I've always loved the caution sign showing the car with the swervy lines behind it.  Other than the ones showing some poor guy getting electrocuted, signs rarely show the peril as it's happening.  I was already doing a webcomic called Tripp (still am) and thought the caution sign was perfect for a webcomic.  It's incredibly simple and the whole essence of their design is to make a point during the few seconds that you pass by one.  That's the approach I'm taking with the comic, keep it lean, mean, and simple.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out!



My name is Bill Taylor and I like to keep busy.  I'm currently producing two webcomics, Cautionary Tales (welcome, you're here) and Tripp.  I have a wonderful family, a full-time job, and am also a professional musician with a band called The Kingsbury Manx.  Because of the time commitments of the band, I was away from art for a long time and got back into drawing about a year ago.  I started doing webcomics as an excuse to draw everyday and finally learn photoshop.  Doing a webcomic would also help me learn to draw people, which I was always sort of gunshy about.  Better to jump in with both feet, I say. 

Here's where you can see other stuff by me:

http://cubicleism.wordpress.com  -  This is my blog where I post the whiteboard art from my cubicle at work.   Over the last couple of years, I spend about 5 minutes a day recreating art by some of my favorite artists.

http://kingsburymanx.com  -  This is the official site of my band, The Kingsbury Manx.  We are working on album number 6 at the moment. 

http://trippcomic.com  -  This is my other webcomic, Tripp.  It's about an ordinary guy stuck in an accidental and neverending acid trip, who, along with the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, must try to survive his crazy new existence.